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How to Backup and Restore Viber Chat History on Android

-- Thursday, March 28, 2019
Viber is a social chat app which is similar to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Many choose Viber as their first choice to keep in touch with people. And they store their chat history on the Android phone, including text messages, stickers, images, and more. Some conversations contain important information and some are precious moments. It is necessarily for every Viber user to backup and restore chat history on Android lest their Viber history is lost because of app malfunction, re-installation, Android phone factory reset, rooting, and more. This post is going to show you detailed steps.

Part 1: Backup and Restore Viber Chat History via E-mail

Do a Backup For Viber with E-mail

Step 1 Set to Send Viber Chat History
Turn on Viber app on your Android phone and sign in your account. Tap the More button (three-bar) icon. Then scroll down to choose "Settings" and select "Calls and messages".

Calls and Messages of Viber

Step 2 Select email Provider
In the page "Calls and messages", hit the option "Email message history". Then you can choose an app to email message history. Here we will choose "Email". Next, you can choose Microsoft Exchange or Other email apps.

Select Email Provider

Step 3 Send Viber Chat History
Before backup, you need to set up an email account. Enter the email address and the password of it. Then choose "Next". Make sure your phone is online so that it can connect to the server. When your account is set up and ready to use, choose "Done". In the next screen, enter the email address to receive your backup. Then hit the arrow icon at the upper-right corner. Your Viber chat history will be sent to that email address.

Send Viber Message Backup via Viber Android

Restore Chat History via E-mail

Step 1 Download Viber Messages from Email
Sign into the email account you use to receive backup. Find the letter from your Android phone. There should be an attachment named "Viber" in the letter. Click the "Download" icon to download the backup.

Download Viber Backup Messages

Step 2 Restore Viber Chat History on Android
Open the CSV file which is named according to the contact's name. You can view you chat history. They are orderly listed according to sent and received time. And both sender and receiver are shown.

Viber Backup

Part 2: Backup/Restore Viber Locally on Android

Step 1 When you log in Viber successfully, you can talk with friends freely. There is a logo with three lines beside "Viber" on the top side. Tap it and scroll down for "Settings" so that you are allowed to choose "Viber Backup".

Step 2 If you have not selected the Google account before, it will ask you to add/choose Gmail with tapping "Settings" to go on because the backup data is saved on Google Drive actually.

Viber Backup Locally

Once you tend to restore the data, in the backup screen, there is an option to let you restore the viber conversation.

Part 3: Viber Chat Backup and Restore via Android Data Recovery

To backup and restore in an effective way, Android Data Recovery would play vital role in such case.

Step 1 Connect Phone to Computer to Back Up
There is no doubt that to get the program is the most important thing you should do. Next, use the USB cable to get the device and PC connected as well as allowing debugging as what the interface shows. Go forward "More tools" to back up and restore.

Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

Step 2 Choose Data Type to Save
What you should do next is to select "Viber" on the "Application data" to go on saving process. The process on the screen can inform you which data is completed in copying.

Back Up Viber

Step 3 View the Files
There is a button named "View the backup" on the window, so please click it to preview the data. After you are sure the backup is done, you are allowed to restore the viber chat.

Preview the Viber

When you need to restore certain backup data, just hit the "Restore" button to retrieve viber conversation to the Android phone.

Is it easy? Note that you cannot view image or stickers in the CSV file. You'd better download it once you receive it.

Tip for iOS User: Backup Viber on iPhone

For iOS users, no matter whether you have backup or no backup, you're able to recover the Viber data back with iPhone Data Recovery but the safe way is to back up data regularly, which can avoid lots of troubles. Thus, please start your backup now.

1. Launch iPhone Data Recovery and move to iOS Data Backup & Restore feature.
2. Select data types to back up. You can back up all or just do a backup for Viber messages and media files.
3. After backing up, you will check the size of the backup and then preview the backup details.

Preview the Viber on iOS

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