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How to Use Dropbox to Backup Files from Computer, Android and iOS

-- Wednesday, November 20, 2013
For Mac and iOS users, they may benefit a lot from iCloud when comes to data backup and synchronization. But for those who are using Microsoft Windows, Android smartphones, etc. iCloud would be good of nothing. Instead of iCloud, Dropbox works on every platform, making it always-accessible file storage, data synchronizer as well as backup tool. In the following passage, we'll show you how to use Dropbox to backup files from computer, Android or iDevice.

Part 1 Backup Data from Computer

Download and install the desktop application on your PC. Sign in your Dropbox account after running it. If no, just create one. By default, "Dropbox" folder will appear on your computer, located at C:\Users\Computer Name\Documents\Dropbox. To back up important files, you just need to directly drop and drop them into the folder. The new added data will be automatically uploaded to Dropbox website server.

Backup Computer Files to Dropbox

Part 2 Backup Files from Android Smartphone

Get the Dropbox app from Google Play. Login your Dropbox account and click into the "Files" folder. At the bottom-right, there is a "+" button. Hit it and select "Upload files" in the pop-up menu. Then, tick the files that you want to backup and tap the "UPLOAD" button to start syncing.

Add Files from Android to Dropbox Select Files in Android Phones Backup Android to Dropbox

Part 3 Backup Content from iOS Device

Run the program on your iPhone or iPad. Sign in Dropbox account. Click the three dots option at the top-right corner and select "Upload files". You can backup photos stored in iOS device or data in iCloud Drive. Tick those files you want and hit the "UPLOAD" button to finish backup.

Click Upload Files Button in iOS Dropbox Select Data in iPhone Backup iPhone to Dropbox

Note: The free Dropbox account is limited to 2GB. If you want to get more storage, you can invite friends or just pay for it.

Part 4 Backup Data from Mac

For the above three methods, you have to download "Dropbox" app on your computer or device. Here introduces you Android File Manager which supports you to load Dropbox backup files on Mac or upload data from Mac to Dropbox.

Download Mac

Step 1 Launch the program after installation and click the "Preference" button.

Android File Manager Preference

In the pop-up interface, hit the "Integration" button to select "Dropbox" option and link your Dropbox account.

Integrate Dropbox with Android File Manager

Step 2 After you hitting the "Link Account" button, there will be a website opened in your default browser as follow. Type in the correct e-mail and password to login your Dropbox account.

Sign in Dropbox

When you successfully signed in Dropbox, click the "Allow" button to make Android File Transfer access files saved on Dropbox.

Link Dropbox to Android File Manager

Step 3 Select Dropbox account at the top of the panel, and you will see all files saved in Dropbox displayed. Choose the data in the Mac panel and click the "Copy" button at the middle-bottom to back up data from Mac to Dropbox. On the contrary, you can also download Dropbox data to your Mac.

Transfer Data Between Dropbox and Mac with Android File Manager

Read up here, you may find that Dropbox can simplify our working life. It's not only file-sharing tool for collaborative job, but also a great helper for personal data backup. We can easily backup the important files from computer to Dropbox, and access to the backup files stored in Dropbox on any device when network is available, instead of carrying USB disk. Furthermore, data, like pictures, saved in mobile phone can be backed up to Dropbox at ease. Also, the new function of Dropbox helps us automatically manage the photos in Timeline, which is quite user-friendly. Dropbox is so a pretty excellent application that you can rely on.

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.