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How to Backup Photos/Videos from Android to Google Drive

-- Tuesday, November 24, 2015
Photos and videos preserve your special memory, from childhood to adulthood, from kindergarten to college graduation ceremony. Losing them would be heartbreaking. Especially when the memory is snapped into an Android, it is much easier to lose them. So we highly recommend everyone to create a backup lest you are catapulted into the scrape. The post will show the way to backup photos/videos from Android to Google Drive.

Google Drive offers you 15GB storage that is free in charge. In another word, you will have free large external storage to backup your photos and videos with the tool. You can upload your pictures and videos from any Android phone and tablet. And you can access your files in any device with the same account signed in.

Part 1 Backup Android Photos/Videos to Google Drive

Step 1 Run Google Drive on Android
Install and run Google Drive on your Android phone. Make sure that the phone is connected to Wi-Fi hotspot or cellular. Then set up your Google Drive account.

Step 2 Set to Upload
Your Drive is ready. Now tap the plus icon at the corner. In the new pop-up note, choose "Upload".

Choose to Upload Files

Step 3 Select Photos and Videos to Backup
You can choose files opened from different folder and apps from your Android phone, Images and Videos for example. Then check photos and videos that you would like to backup. Tap the button "Done". Google Drive will backup selected items to Cloud.

Select Photos to Upload

Part 2 Backup Photos/Videos to Google Drive with Android File Manager

Here is another way for you to back up Android pictures and videos to Google Drive. Android File Manager can not only help you upload media files from Samsung S7, LG G4, HTC 10, Huawei P9, etc. to Dropbox or Google Drive, but to build the connection between Android phone and Mac to complete data transfer. Let's have a look at how this wonderful software works.

Download Mac

Step 1 Link Google Account to Android File Manager
Click the button above to download the software on your Mac. Open the software after installation and click into "Preference" interface as follows.

Android File Manager Preference

In the pop-up windows, select "Integration" option. Then, choose "Google Drive" and hit the "Link Account" button. It will ask you to sign in your Google account.

Sign in Google Drive

When you successfully login, you should tap "Allow" to authorize the software to access, view and manage data stored on your Google Drive.

Allow Android File Manager to Access Google Drive

Step 2 Back up Android Media Files
Now connect your Android phone to Mac via USB cable, don't forget to enable USB debugging as well. In the main interface of the software, there are two blocks displayed in the middle. Select your Google Drive account at the top of the left column, and Android device in the right column, all data saved in the Google Drive and Android phone will be listed in the corresponding blocks. To do the backup, you can directly drag and drop the file from Android to Google Drive or select the files and hit the "Move" button.

Copy Android File to Google Drive

Wait for a while, Google Drive would help you backup your data. When it succeeds, you can sign in Google Drive with the same account to view, download, and share your photos/videos!

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.