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User Guide of Android Transfer Software

-- Friday, March 15, 2013
Isn't it nice to have a butler for your own Android device? The one that provides all the services your phone need, such as installing apps, transferring phone data and cleaning up cache. Maybe you are getting an Android Lollipop and don't know where to get all these services. Can Android phone users ever be able to manage their handsets on a computer just like iPhone owners did with iTunes? If you are thinking of a negative answer, think again.

Android Transfer is an all purpose phone management software including phone data and cache cleaning, back up and restore or transfer phone data. Also, you have multiple choices to manage your apps, contact, photos, etc. For all the Android phone owners, I've broken this guide into four parts. From each part, you will get to see how Android Transfer works perfectly for you.

It's free to use Android Transfer to clean up your phone cache. Click the icon below to download.

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For starters, install the Android Transfer Software for your PC. When the software is launched, you will be asked to connect your phone to your computer via QR code or USB cable.

connect device to computer

Part 1: Back up & Restore Phone Files

When your phone is detective by the software, click "Super Toolkit" on the navigation panel to your left and you should see the interface as below. Click the "One-Click Backup" to save phone data to PC and hit the "Restore" button to retrieve data from previous backup.


Part 2: Import & Export Data

Step 1 Select Content to Transfer
On the left panel, there is a list of items that you can install or export. For example, choose "Photos" and you'll see a scrolling list of the pictures stored on your phone. Tick each one you want to transfer and click "Export" on the top of the screen.

transfer video

Step 2 Import & Export Data
Once you click "Export", you'll get a popup asking you to choose your export destination. Select one and the export will begin immediately. Just wait a few seconds and you'll be notified that the process is completed.

export video to computer

Part 3: Manage your Phone

Another cool feature of Android Transfer is that it allows you to manage your phone on a big desktop screen. You can:
icon Backup and Restore Android phone Data
icon Sent SMS on Computer
icon Merge Duplicate Contacts
icon Convert & Import Music/Video
icon Get Root Access for your Device
icon Use Online Resources to Download Media Contents
icon Import & Export Contacts to Outlook/Windows Live Mail

For instance, choose "YouTube" on the navigation panel, you can download music/videos from online resources.

download music online

To find out more, please click the icon below and start the journey.

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Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.