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What is AI and How It Serves Us

-- Tuesday, January 10, 2017
AI has become more and more important in our daily life and we are not able to get rid of it any more. Some people may be confused about AI sometimes. Please continue to read, you will know more about it.

Part 1: What is AI?

When people talk about AI, you may wonder what exactly it is. Actually, AI is the abbreviation of Artificial intelligence. We are able to split AI into two parts: artificiality and intelligence. It is easy to make sense of the artificiality, which relates to man-made, without too much controversy. However, when comes to intelligence, it may refer to consciousness, self, mind and so on. Nowadays, Artificial intelligence has become more and more important in the computer science. Artificial intelligence aims to enable the computer to do the intelligent work which can be done by people in the past.

Part 2: How does AI work?

AI simulates the thinking process and intelligent behavior (such as learning, reasoning, thinking, planning, etc.) like the way you do. As a type of AI, the neural networks are computer systems which mimic the workings of the brain and use a network of nodes/edges to process data.

For instance, you are able to identify the specific stuff correctly in about two or three seconds. With AI, the computing system could do the same according to the data which has been inputted before. The other example that can explain how the AI works like a brain can be the neural network translation App that is made and improved by Google. Now, the translation job comes much closer to the one done by a human, not just translate directly for each single word.

AI Simulates Working of the Brain

Part 3: Applications of AI

Without any doubt, AI would become more and more important and make our life much easier. AI is being used in a wide range of fields such as machine translation, intelligent controls, robotics and so on. Now I will briefly introduce the application of AI in our life.

1. Artificial Intelligence in healthcare. AI is greatly used in hospitals and medicine. For example, when comes to the medical diagnosis, the artificial neural networks act as clinical decision support systems and can highly improve work efficiency and diagnostic accuracy.

2. Artificial Intelligence in manufacturing. Industrial robots have been widely used in some of the countries around the world. This kind of Artificial Intelligence does have pros and cons. Obviously, the robots can replace the real human to do the dangerous job or the job can not be able to be done by human. However, in the other hand, the robots may also replace the other easy job and then cause tons of people losing their job as the employer would benefit from the low cost of robots.

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

3. Artificial Intelligence in customer service. Please picture about this situation: You purchase a new multi-functional TV set. However, when you open the machine, you find out that it is pretty hard for you to use it. So you go to the official website which sales this TV set and enter the problem such as "How to use the TV set?" in the customer service web page. In one second, you would get the answer from the automated online assistants. In this way, the companies are able to reduce their operation and training cost.

4. Other applications. The Artificial Intelligence is also used in transportation, aviation, telecommunications maintenance, computer science and so on.

As you can see above, AI comes closer and closer to us and it does have some pros and cons. But if we use and manage it in the correct way, the AI technique would surely benefit us in the future!

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.