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Full Guide on the Use of Google Home

-- Thursday, January 19, 2017
Google Home,a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant, allows you to command your audio, get answers from Google, voice-control your smart devices and so on. With a good-looking appearance, the Google Home device becomes more and more popular around people who fancy to smart thing. This article would show you the way to set up Google Home device in part 1. And in part 2, you will learn how Google Home device ease our life and what you can do with it.

Part 1. How to Set Up Google Home

To set up the Google Home Device to make our life more "smart", you need to download the Google Home App on your smartphone so that you can manage and control the smart gadget via your phone. You are not able to directly do any setting on the Google Home device as it doesn’t have a screen on it. Now, please follow the guide below firstly set Google Home device up:

1. Download Google Home App on your smartphone.

2. Plug the power adapter which comes together with into a power outlet. Then you can see the Google Home device would start to boot up with the light turns on.

3. After that, please go to your smart phone and run the Google Home App. On the screen, you need to tap the upper-right icon and then you should navigate to "Devices > SET UP > CONTINUE".

4. In this time, your smartphone would switch to a temporary Wi-Fi network on your Google Home App. Tap "PLAY TEST SOUND" button to check if you can hear the sound. Then name your new device and tap "CONTINUE".

Set Up Google Home

5. Now you are able to connect your Google Home to a Wi-Fi and click "CONTINUE" button at the bottom right corner. Wait for the Google Home device to automatically update and tap the "SIGN IN" button to add a Google account to your Home.

6. Then you would come across with several settings like entering your address to get more accurate information and so on. Then the job is done. Please enjoy the easy life which Google Home device brings to you.

Part 2. How Google Home Make Our Lives Convenient

Play or Watch Media Content

You are able to play music, podcast, radio or the other media contents on Google Home device. Now, let's talk about how to play content from Chrome browser to Google Home device.

1. Launch Chrome browser on your computer and then open a new tap.

Note: Please make sure your computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi as Google Home and they both well connected.

2. Right click the website and then choose "Cast", which you can use this feature display content on your Google Home device.

3. Choose the Google Home device you want to display to, and now you need to click “Cast to” option to begin the displaying.

You can use the basic voice commands to control audio contents playing on Google Home device. For instance, to stop playing Chrome content on Google Home, please just say "Hey Google, stop". To control volume, please just say "Hey Google, turn it up/down".

Watch Media Content

Make Daily Schedule

We may sometimes get really chaotic for the must-do stuff in a day. With Google Home, you are able to hear a list of reminders that you set for the day, hear the day’s forecast, hear an overview of traffic for a specific location and hear the status of your upcoming flights. Wha's more, you can also hear the details your next meeting according to the calendar which is linked to the Google account.

To set it up, please follow the guide below:

1. Open the Google Home app on your device, and then tap the Menu button on the upper-left corner. Now you need to verify the Google Account.

2. Tap "More settings > My Day". Then please choose the options(Weather,Work commute,Next meeting, Reminders) that you want to include in My Day.

3. Then select how to end your My Day summary.

4. Finally, please do not forget to turn on Personal results so that you can hear reminders and calendar information.

Control Home Smart Devices

It is the true that the Google Home device makes our home smarter. With Google Home, connecting and managing lights, thermostats, plugs or switches are no longer an untouchable dream. Now, take managing lights using Google Home as an example, I will show you some points you need to pay attention to:

1. Philips Hue or lights connected to SmartThings.

Note: For the first time to set up Philips Hue bridge and lights, you need to use the Philips Hue app to be installed on your phone.

2. Ensure your smartphone and Google Home device are well connected to Wi-Fi network.

3. Make sure you have signed in to the same Google Account as which you used to set up Google Home.

Control Home Smart Devices

Ask for Answers and information

The Google Home device allows you to ask for answers and information such as facts, dictionary, sport information and stock market & finance information. For instance, if you want to get the information on your individual stocks and portfolio, you can just ask "How are the markets doing?" and the Google Home would summarize major indices for you. It sounds like you are having conversation with Siri, an intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator in iOS operation system. But the Google Home would work much smarter than Siri.

Ask for Answers and information

After scanning through this article, you may have an overall impression on the Google Home device. And of cause it doesn’t show much details in it and it is just for introducing you with the general idea of the device. If you have any question, please drop us a comment below!

Ivy Bruce

Ivy Bruce is the Founder and Editorial Director at Recovery-Android Studio. You can also find her on Google+ and Twitter.