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Secure Eraser

  • Erase Android & iPhone Useless Data
  • Optimize Android & iPhone Running Speed
  • Prevent Privacy Data from Leaking

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Erase All Data on Android and iDevice

Secure Eraser enables you to thoroughly and permanently erase contacts, messages, photos, videos, apps and any other data stored in your Android and iPhone/iPad/iPod with one-click. No matter you are going to selling, recycling or sending your phone, one-click erase option can make your device and personal information safe before passing it on.

Erase All Data on Android and iDevice

Permanently Clean Up Deleted Files

There are hundreds of 3rd-party recovery tools in the market that helping people to restore the accidentally deleted or lost files on the smartphones. That is to say, your deleted data is still traceable. Secure Eraser can scan out the deleted data and conduct an irreversible and permanently clean-up on them. Deleted files are really gone!

Permanently Clean Up Deleted Files

Release Phone Space & Speed Up Device

Apart from the visible data like photos, movies, music, messages, contacts etc. Stored in the mobile phone, there is still caches like the browsing history, downloaded ad content from the web, or some other junk files. All of these occupy the phone memory and get the phone bogged down. With Secure Eraser, all the garbage content and cache will be removed in a flash. You can enjoy a “new” phone at an optimal speed again.

Release Phone Space&Speed Up Device

Protect Personal Data from Leaking

Most of us think that factory reset is the most effective and quick way to erase data including the personal and private ones. But actually, it’s the low level of formatting which may leave trace of the data. Even after formatting, your financial records and password on Paypal, confidential documents or other information stored in the phone before might be easily hacked and reveal. Secure Eraser can perform a high level erasure and ensure your personal information secure.

Protect Personal Data from Leaking

System Requirements

Operating System:
Windows 10/8/7/XP/2003/Vista
1GHz Intel or above, or AMD CPU
Free Hard Disk Space:
500 MB or more
512 MB or above

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by Ahmed Sunny

just install this program. nothing to use. bt u says ryt now regidtor. plz wait, let me chk 1 deviece.


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