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Drunk Locker Free

Ivy Say:

Drunk Locker is basically an app that blocks out other social media apps when users are intoxicated. This app can come in handy when you go to parties or want to have a good time out without worrying about posting something inappropriate online where everybody can sees it.
Blocking drunk texting/calling will be the new features of the Drunk Locker's next update. Do you hate drunken texting an ex? How about the occasional drunk tweet or snapchat? Drunk Locker blocks the 6 most popular apps on your phone while you're out partying and getting drunk. It can be easily controlled. You will never have to worry about it again.

Description & Screenshots

Drunk blocks the six most common social media applications which
Facebook √
Twitter √
Instagram √
Tumblr √
Snapchat √
FB Messenger √

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