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[Solved] Viber Incoming Calls Not Working

-- Tuesday, December 08, 2015
"I have a contact which is available for chat on Viber. We can text each other on Viber but I cannot call this person's ordinary mobile phone number which is the same as for Viber. The line is busy all the time. Is it possible that this person has blocked incoming calls but is only available to text in Viber?"

When Viber is only available for chat but incoming calls, there is an option that can help you allow incoming calls/video calls. But make sure that the contact doesn't block your incoming calls.

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Step 1 Go to Calls and Messages
Open Viber call on your Android phone. Sign into your account with your phone number and verification code. Next, choose the More option (three-bar icon at the lower-right corner). Scroll down to select "Settings" > "Calls and messages".

Calls and Messages of Viber Android

Step 2 Allow Viber Incoming Calls
Allow Viber-in Calls: Select "Viber-In Calls". This will allow the phone to receive regular incoming calls with Viber when possible.

Allow Viber-in Calls

Allow Video Calls: Select Video calls. In the next screen, choose the "On" button and turn on "Video calls" option.

Allow Video Calls

If you follow the steps above, you should enable or receive incoming calls now. Have a try!

Ivy Bruce

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