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How to Turn Android Phone to Mobile Hotspot

-- Tuesday, July 07, 2015
Until today, not every area in the public are covered with wireless network, which means as if we run out all the mobile network flow and having no Wi-Fi available, our phones becomes an "insulator" to network. However, a friend being with you has a great amount of mobile network flow. You may wonder whether you can share the flow with him/her. This article aims at showing your how to launch Wlan hotspot settings and share mobile network flow with friends at ease.

Guide to Turn Android Phone to Portable Hotspot

To start with, go on Settings menu and turn on WLAN. The Service Set Identifier (SSID) will detect the hotspot in your smartphone. A note will pop up asking you to tether or active the hotspot. Then, tap configure to give a name to your mobile hotspot and set a more than 8-letter password to secure it.

Turn on WLAN Switch on Hotspot

Configure Hotspot Allow Access to Devices

Since other devices turn on Wi-Fi connection in their handset, they can find your hotspot in WLAN network list. Enter the proper password to connect to your hotspot. When successfully connected, they can share your network flow.

Note: The hotspot settings may vary a little bit from mobile devices running different Android systems. Besides, turn on hotspot and share mobile flow with others may slow down your network speed.

Ivy Bruce

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