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When & How to Do a Backup for Android

-- Monday, October 16, 2017
To make a backup for existent data stored in Android phones is incontrovertibly necessary in case of data loss. However, it varies from an intact phone to a broken phone. Having a phone broken is definitely a bad news, but it gets worse what if you lose important data along with the device. Also, different steps should be taken due to the status of your phone. Now, let's check it out.

As a powerful Backup & Restore software, Android Backup Restore always plays a significant role when in need. You need to download and install it at first.

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Part 1: When Your Handset is Intact, How to Do a Backup for Android?

Case 1: Want to Do a Backup for Existent Data

Step 1 Connect Android to Computer
After you download and install Android Backup & Restore program on Windows, launch it and connect your Android phone via USB cable to the computer to continue. Note that if your handset cannot get connected to computer, try to enable debugging. Then you need to click on the "Device Data Backup" or "One-click Backup" to start the process.

Connect Device to PC

Step 2 Selet Data and Make a Backup
Next, select the single or multiple types of data and hit the "Start" button on the lower right of the interface. The backup process will be automatically done within a click.

Selet Data and Make a Backup

Case 2: Want to Restore Deleted Data and Back up All the Data

That's all it takes. Really easy, right? However, things get less easy if you'd like to retrieve deleted data first, and then back up all the data on your computer. But, it just take you a few more minutes. Let's see how to retrieve deleted above all.

Step 1 Connect Your Android to Software
Open the program and click on the first option - "Android Data Recovery". Then, get your Android phone connected with the program.

Step 2 Select Data and Get them Restored
Now, you need to choose types of data you want to recover and tap on "Next".

Given that we're going to make a backup for existent data and soon-to-be recovered data, scanning all files will be a better choice. However, it takes much time to finish scanning.

After that, all the data will be displayed on the interface with deleted files marked in red. Select all the data and hit the "Recover" button. After deciding on the location to which you're going to export all the data, all the files will be saved to your computer.

Select Data and Get them Restored

Part 2: When Your Device is Broken, How to Back Up for Android?

If it happens that your phone is broken or struck in black screen, you still get a chance to get the data back. There are two methods available. If the broken phone is a Samsung phone, please try the first method showed as followings.

Situation 1: The Broken Phone is a Samsung Phone

Step 1 Connect to Program and Select Data
Launch Android Data Recovery on your computer, and choose "Broken Android Data Extraction " option. Now, connect your broken Samsung handset to the software and you will then be asked to select certain types of data. After that, tap on "Start" button.

Connect to Program and Select Data

Step 2 Do What the Program Ask You to Do for Data Extraction
At the next step, you need to choose the status that matches your Samsung and then follow the instruction to get into "Download Mode". Once you successfully get in Download Mode, the software will start downloading recovery package for your phone.

When it's done downloading recovery package, the selected data will be scanned and showed on the interface. Now, you are allowed to preview them in detailed and get them retrieved to computer by a hit of "Recover" button.

Situation 2: The Broken Phone is Other than Samsung Device

That would really consume some time. In fact, however long it takes, it's nevertheless worthwhile once the precious data is successfully restored. However, for the devices other than Samsung, there is another feasible method available.

The gist to backup data from broken non-Samsung Android would be extracting the SD card on smartphone as the program support data extraction from an SD card. However, for the files that are stored on the phone memory, you can do nothing with the program.

You are recommended to head to this guide: Restore Lost Files from Android SD Card to see the details.

Note: How to Effectively Protect Phone from Breaking and Data Loss?

When you inadvertently lose you grasp and drop your dear phone hard on the ground or deep into water, it would result in causing great damage to your handset. In other words, your phone would be broken. That's such a bad thing. What's worse, it takes a great price to have broken phone repaired, so how exactly we can do to effectively protect phone from breaking? You might as well bear the followings in mind.

1. Protect the screen with a tempered glass screen protector.
2. Reduce damage via a phone case with high quality.
3. Put your phone into a plastic bag when it's raining like cats and dogs.
4. Always avoid holding phones when you get distracted while moving.
5. Put your handset into a deep pocket or a bag when it's unoccupied.
6. Be gentle, use with care!

Protect Phone from Breaking

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Besides to prevent the device from breaking, don't forget to keep precious data from loss. Do you gain a knowledge of when and how to do a backup for them yet? To regularly do backups is always highly recommended. What if you by accident lose some important contents on Android, you can retrieve them from backup files via Android Data Recovery without a hitch.

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