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How to Backup & Restore Your Android on Computer

-- Friday, August 31, 2018
Many smartphones running Android OS don't have an assistant to help backup and restore contents like contacts, call logs, SMS, music, movies, and photos. In fact, it is very important for all Android users backing up their phone contents to computer. Please think about the following situations:

1. You are about to perform a factory reset and looking for a way to prevent from data loss.
2. You need to save a copy of your old Android before selling or passing it to others.
3. You purchase a completely new device such as an up to date iPhone and want to transfer the Android data to the new gadget.

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  • So, to create backup of Android in PC is necessary! That way, they can keep and restore all Android data from computer whenever the original one get lost or need to restore to another device.

    Part 1: Back Up Files with Android Backup Restore

    To backup Android phone before factory reset, or make an Android backup to PC to prevent data loss, you can try Android Backup Restore program. First of all, please download the program on your computer.

    Download Win Download Win

    Step 1 Plug Your Android into PC
    When installation of this software is completed, run the program and plug your device in with USB cable. On the left pane of the program, you should choose "Android Backup & Restore" option and then click on the "Device Data Backup" or "One-click Backup" to start backup process.

    Connect Device to PC

    Step 2 Select Data Types to Backup
    After connecting your Android device to computer, you can select data type by clicking the items and tick “Start” button to begin the copy process. Please follow the guide asked and keep your Android device connecting during the backup process.

    Selet Data and Make a Backup

    When the backup is completed, the backup copy would be kept on your computer.

    Backup Completes

    Part 2: Restore Backup to Your Android Phone

    After you back up your important data with the Android Backup Restore program, it’s time to show how effective and terrific this program is. Now, let’s have an overview about what we can do with the Android Backup Restore tool after backing up.

    Important features of Android Backup Restore you should never miss:

    1. Preview and read the backup files by simply go to the related interface of the program.
    2. Selectively restore data or restore all the backup files are supported with the program.
    3. Restore backup files to the original device (when you lose data and want to recover data back) or to a completely new Android (transfer data) are allowed.

    Please check the following guide to restore the backup files to your Android device.

    Step 1 Connect Android to PC
    Launch Android Backup Restore on your computer and select Data "Backup & Restore" option. Connect your Android phone to the computer using a USB cable like the way you do in part 1.

    Step 2 Preview the Backup File You Want to Restore
    Please click on "Device Data Backup" or "One-click Backup" button and the program will display backup copies. Please choose the one you want and click on the "Start" button. Now you can preview every file in the backup.

    Choose Backup Copy to Restore

    Step 3 Restore Backup File to Android
    Please check the files you need and click on Restore to them to target Android phone.

    Selectively Restore the Data

    Part 3: Alternative to Android Backup Restore: Easy Backup & Restore

    Easy Backup & Restore is a free app for the Android which helps to back up your Android contents including SMS, MMS, call logs, calendar events, contacts and etc. Then you can easily restore it for your convenience. Backed-up files will be in a zip archive format and you can read it on your computer or device easily.

    Besides, the terrific app also contains an uninstall manager, the ability to send APKs to other devices and more. Though some users may meet the compatibility issues when using it, it is still worth to have a try. Now please out the way below to back up Android data with Easy Backup & Restore app.

    1. Download Easy Backup & Restore app on your Android device and then launch it. You would be prompted with a message to ask if you want to create a backup, please tap “Yes”.

    Easy Backup & Restore

    2. Choose the Contents such as SMS, call logs and so on you want to back up and then select the save location for the backup copy.

    3. Give the backup a file name and tap “OK”, and the app would start to take phone backup in Android. Wait patiently and you would be notified that it is successfully backed up!

    4. If you want to restore backup to Android, please just tap the “Restore” button.

    Part 4: Tips to Choose A Correct Way to Backup Android

    To compare Android the two Android backup software: Backup Restore with Easy Backup & Restore in a more straightforward way, you can check out the chart below:

     Choose A Correct Way to Backup Android

    Choosing which program to back up your Android data is completely up to you. If you have any question, please feel free to leave us a message. (Plus: click dowload button on mobile, and you will get 20% off discount.)

    Download Win Download Win Download Mac Download Mac

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